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Build Learning Skills at Home and With Tutoring in Oro Valley

A lot of factors play a role in how well your child does in school. Many can be learned at home and with tutoring, but where they are most displayed is at school. Some skills such as listening and knowing how to follow instructions...

Laptop and Tablet Recommendations for Students of All Ages

Technology is a vital part of education these days, and as a result your child should be well equipped in order to keep up.  Being an expert in all things computers is a valuable skill in academia and in the real world.  There are few...

Photography for Kids

Photography allows your child to document events from their perspective. It helps them to see the world in their way.

Photography is Art

A child behind the lens is making artist choices. From the moment they pick up a camera, they are developing their creative art skills.


Although you may not notice it, the lifestyle of your children plays an important role in their sleep quality.  A good night's sleep will not only provide your children with  the energy they need to carry out their activities, but it also enhances their cognitive...
If you have a young student at home, then you surely want them to succeed academically (and in all of the other areas in their lives). As you may know, personalized tutoring can be a great way to help them reach their potential. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits...
 We can’t overstate the importance of reading in the education of your children, as it will expand their vocabulary, enhances cognitive skills, plus several studies show a strong link between literacy and better job opportunities in the future. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Oro...
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