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Vocabulary Building At-Home

Many times we don't pay as much attention to vocabulary building as we should. Expanding your child's vocabulary can help them increase their comprehension levels in all areas, not just in reading.  That is why today we want to share some fun ways to help your child improve their vocabulary.

How to Help Your Child Expand Their Vocabulary

  • Make it a family matter. Getting the whole family involved in vocabulary building will benefit everyone and will make it easier for you child to make progress. Encourage each other to use more advanced vocabulary words and terms. Leave a thesaurus handy for everyone to use, and make it a contest to see who can learn the most synonyms and words at the end of every week.

  • Record new words. Every time your child finds a new word they aren't sure about, motivate them to look it up and record it. You can use your phone or an app to help your child record new words along with their definition and spelling. Then, play it for them during the day as they do homework or when they are doing a quiet activity.
  • Play games. Use family time to play games and encourage vocabulary building. Play games such as Scrabble and Pictionary. Every family member can take turns picking out random words from the dictionary and acting out the definition while others try to guess what word it is.

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