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What Are Some of the Basic Math Foundations?

Before a child is able to dig into memorizing math facts and timetables, they need to first have a strong and well-grounded understanding of the basic math foundations. Today we want to share a quick overview of some of the most basic math foundations that a young child needs to learn before moving on to more formal math concepts, such as addition or subtraction.

 Examples of More Basic Math Foundations

  • Quantity. This concept is one of the first that needs to be understood. A child should be aware that items, persons, etc. can be counted in regards to amounts and how many or how little there are. This may begin by counting fingers and realizing that things can be counted and that there is a numerical value that can relate.
  • Number Recognition. A child must be able to recognize numbers as what they are. They must be able to tell a number apart from a letter and know what the name of the number is and what it represents. This means they can tell how much the number stands for in regards to an item or amount of things.
  • Number Representation. Children need to be aware of what numbers mean and be able to distinguish the difference. Some numbers are used for counting amounts and others for sequential purposes, they need to be able to tell the difference from a number that is there to state the order in a sequence and a number that states the quantity or amount.
  • Existence of Operations. Before a child is able to comprehend and further understand math facts and other concepts they need to be able to grasp the meaning and existence of operations. They should know, that most things can be increased or reduced (added or subtracted). Pictures and small toys can help a child understand that if another item is placed in a group it can be added, and if it is removed it can be subtracted.

Solid Math Skills With Tutoring in Oro Valley

At The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley we have a variety of academic programs for children of all ages.  Our Geniuses in Training Kindergarten Program includes a math program that is specifically designed for young children and can give them a great head start in math that will facilitate their academic learning throughout life.


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