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Laptop and Tablet Recommendations for Students of All Ages

Technology is a vital part of education these days, and as a result your child should be well equipped in order to keep up.  Being an expert in all things computers is a valuable skill in academia and in the real world.  There are few jobs that don't require some form of technological aptitude, so part of a good education is learning how to become technologically savvy.  To help you choose a great laptop or tablet for your child, we've put together the following list of some of the best products available right now.

For the Kindergarten Student

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition ($190)- This tablet is made for younger kids, and as such, is remarkably durable.  But even if  your young student finds a way to break it, Amazon offers a two year replacement guarantee.  With the purchase you'll also get a free one year subscription to Amazon Free Time Unlimited, which is a collection of books, games, movies and other content designed especially for children.

For the Elementary School Student

Acer C-740-C3P1 ($250)- A fantastic laptop that won't break the bank.  This Chromebook is a bargain at $250, and is also becoming the standard in the classroom, so your child might already be familiar and shouldn't have any compatibility issues.

For the High School Student

Lenovo Z40 ($550)- This laptop comes with a little more power to meet the increasing demands of schoolwork.  It performs well and has great battery life.  It also comes preloaded with video and photo editing software, which means your student will be delivering some quality presentations.

Tutoring in Oro Valley

If your child has a tablet or laptop, they can bring it to the Tutoring Center where they'll get professional tutoring in Oro Valley.  We can help students get the most out of their gadgets, and maximize the synthesis of learning and technology.  We start everyone off with a Free Diagnostic Assessment in order to customize the tutoring to each individual's needs.  Give us a call today at 520 297 0400 to get started.


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