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How to Tweak Classic Games Into Fun Learning

There is no better way to learn than by having fun. At the Tutoring Center in Oro Valley, we know how important it is that children enjoy learning and that they build the right academic skills through fun and creative activities. That is why today we want to share some ways to tweak classic games and turn them into learning experiences without sacrificing the fun.

Create Educational Activities out of Traditional Games

  • Indoor games. Many traditional games are great for building motor skills in young children and if altered, they can become educational power plays. Board games, and other written games such as tick tack toe can be modified to become a fun way to review a lesson or learn new facts. For example, the game tick tack toe can be used for reviewing vocabulary. Draw the 9 squares of tick tack toe and add a word in each square. You can play this with your child or have two children play against each other. In order to put an X or O in the square they first need to say the definition of the word. If they say it correctly they are allowed to put their X or O in that square until someone completes a line or all the squares are taken.
  • Outdoor games. You can also try a lot of outdoor games that encourage learning such as question tag where you play tag but before you tag someone they get the chance to answer a review question. If they answer the review question they are not ¨it¨, so the person that is ¨it¨ will try to make the questions hard so the other person doesn't answer correctly. This game can be really fun and a great way to have children challenge each other, learn and play. To learn more on how to build essential learning skills, visit our previous post here.

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