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Build Learning Skills at Home and With Tutoring in Oro Valley

A lot of factors play a role in how well your child does in school. Many can be learned at home and with tutoring, but where they are most displayed is at school. Some skills such as listening and knowing how to follow instructions truly make a difference in how well your child performs. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley we want to talk about a way you can help your child build these essential skills.

Listening Skills Are Best Learned at a Young Age

Paying attention, following instructions and listening can be the most challenging factors for children, but it is the basis of doing well in school. Nevertheless it is not hard to teach a young child these skills and is a great way to help them succeed. Teaching your child listening skills can be easier if you start at a younger age. One of the best ways to start with small children is to have them repeat what you just stated or the instructions that you just gave. As they grow older you can ask that they state what you said in their own words, to make sure they are listening and processing the information.

How to Teach Your Child to Follow Instructions

Start with simple tasks such as picking up their toys, say; ¨pick up your toys¨ have your child state what you just asked them to do. They can say something similar to this; ¨I need to pick up my toys.¨  As your child grows older add more steps to the instructions and have them repeat them to you. For example you can say; ¨pick up your red toys first then the blue ones¨  and have them state the instructions that need to be followed. Keep adding to the instructions depending on your child´s age. These type of quick tasks builds your child´s listening abilities, focus, and memory. It also teaches them them to follow instructions.

Tutoring in Oro Valley, AZ

Listening, paying attention and following instructions are essential skills that need to be mastered in order to do well in school. There are many ways tutoring helps build these and many other important learning skills, read about some of the benefits of tutoring, here. Help your child continue to practice and learn other important factors that will allow them to do great in school, providing them with the best tutoring in Oro Valley today.  Call us now at (520)-297-0400.


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