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Teach Your Child to Set Goals

Getting into the habit of setting goals and achieving them can greatly benefit students. The sooner a student learns to set goals and to work towards them, the more successful they will be. Read the following advice to help your child get started on setting academic goals for this year.

How to Set SMART Goals

Once your child has an idea of what they would like to achieve this school year, help them turn it into a SMART goal. A goal must meet five criteria; it must be specific, measurable, adjustable, reasonable, and timely, SMART. That means it needs to be specific enough so that they know exactly what they are going after. The goal must be measurable so that they can know how much progress they are making and how much they still have to do. Adjustable means that it is flexible enough to still stand even when the circumstances change and external factors affect it. It also needs to be reasonable so it isn´t something that is far too complicated to reach within their time frame. The goal must also be timely so that they know how long they have to complete it and at what pace they should be moving to reach it. Instead of just stating the goal as, ¨Be a better writer,¨ a SMART goal would be, ¨Write in my personal journal for 10 minutes at least 3 times a week during the entire year.¨ This goal is specific, it states specifically what needs to get done. It is measurable and adjustable so that there is a way of ensuring that the task gets done for a certain amount of days and during a certain period of time. Even so, it isn't so specific and is flexible enough to be adapted to the week as long as it gets done 3 times a week. It is also reasonable and it is timely because there is a time frame for it.

Setting Goals and Reaching Them with the Help of the Best Tutoring Program in Oro Valley AZ

Setting goals and reaching them does require effort and work, but it is incredibly rewarding. With the help of the right tutoring program, your child will soon start to reap the benefits of reaching their goals. Let The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ help them to reach their goals and teach them how to overcome every academic challenge they meet. Call them right now at (520)-297-0400 for more information.


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