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Group Study Sessions and Their Benefits

When a parent thinks about a group study session, they almost immediately think about The Breakfast Club, and rightfully so! It was a life-changing movie. However, in reality, a group study session can be very different. Below is some information from The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley (Oracle and Magee) on just some of the benefits your student can receive from participating in a group study session.

Is That What the Teacher Meant?

It can happen to even the most vigilant adults in the workplace. The boss gives each staff member the same directions, yet one or a few members return after much work time to submit an assignment which wasn’t at all what the boss wanted. Transfer this to your child’s classroom environment and it isn’t an angry boss, but more an unimpressed teacher who assigns a failing grade. This is all because of a simple misperception or the pick-up of a nuance which wasn’t really there. During a quick group study session, each student has the chance to openly speak about what their perception of the teacher’s instructions was and what is required to complete the task successfully. After just a few minutes, each student can be confident that they not only share the same perception as their classmates but that it is the correct one!

I Think It Was 1870. Or Was It 1780? Best I Write 1900, Just to Be Sure

It doesn't matter how many times you tell a student not to, they always try to type or write down everything the teacher has to say. Sure, it works out okay for the first few minutes, but very quickly it ends up with students trying to remember what was said three minutes ago while simultaneously trying to listen to what is currently being said. As you know, this leaves students with nothing more than a notebook filled with incomplete and often incorrect notes. Through a group study session, each student can openly share their notes with all of the participants. While one student may have taken particular note of the dates provided but wasn’t able to pay attention to reference materials, another student may have taken those down fine, but lacked in the date department. At the end of this process, each of the students was given the chance to share their notes and benefit from the notes of their peers, leaving each student with a complete and, more importantly, correct set of notes they can use during their own study time.

Tutoring Can Help Your Student Reach Their Learning Potential

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