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Winter Break Learning

Just as the name states, winter break is the perfect time to take a break and relax. Students may be taking a break from school and the holidays give parents a few days off, but, as always, learning never stops. That is why today we want to share three important lessons that you can help your child learn at home.

3 Important Winter Break Lessons for Your Child

  • Be grateful. Teach your child the importance of being grateful while helping them practice their writing. Buy nice stationary, some stickers, and fun pens. Then, encourage your child to write thank you notes and letters to family members, friends, and even teachers.

  • Help others. This is the perfect season to teach your child about how blessed they are and how important it is to help others. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen, elderly home, or hospital. You can help collect gifts for children in need or let your child spend time with children that are in the hospital.
  • Stay safe. Teach your child the importance of staying safe during the holidays. Spend time talking to them about stranger danger and what to do if they get lost at a shopping mall or any public area. Also, make sure you discuss and practice with your child what they should do if a stranger approaches them.

The Best Academic Help with Tutoring in Oro Valley, AZ

Asking for help is another valuable lesson for your child to learn. The best way to show your child the importance of getting extra help and asking for assistance when something gets overwhelming is by providing them with the tutoring help they need. Contact The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ today at (520)-297-0400 and allow your child to receive  the best support and help with all of their school subjects.


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