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Helping a Verbal Learner Complete Their Homework

Sitting in front of a teacher who presents lessons on the board and also speaks them to the class is the traditional and still current practice. And while there is no denying its benefits and effectiveness, what about the children who learn best when they are the ones doing the actual talking? The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley (Oracle and Magee) has some information below on the traits of a verbal learner and how parents can better help with homework.

Identifying the Traits

  • When you give directions to your youngster, do you notice that they turn their face away and show you their ear?
  • Does your student repeat everything you instruct them to do verbatim?
  • Can you remember that one time you were pretty sure you saw them arguing with the microwave about a troublesome math problem they were facing?
As silly as the last one sounds, they can all be indications that your student is a verbal learner. Even talking to the microwave can be enough for them to hear their own mistakes as work through the problem. If you have a feeling that your student could identify with the traits of a verbal learner, make some small adjustments to your helping style, such as:
  • If your student is struggling with a math problem, instead of stepping through it using their notebooks, ask them to read the problem to you and teach you the fundamentals before the problems.
  • When your student is speaking about a problem with you, ask questions which make them backtrack and revisit information which can help to uncover any mistakes.
  • When possible, host group study sessions where everybody involved can speak loudly and become animated with their conversations.
All of these can help to improve the effectiveness of study sessions of a verbal learner.

Tutoring in Oro Valley Can Help Your Student Reach Their Learning Potential

If you struggle to keep up with your student’s textbooks, you aren’t alone! With modern lessons becoming more and more complex, parents just aren’t able to provide the level of help they would like and the level their children need. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley (Oracle and Magee) at 520 297 0400 and find out how subject-focused learning programs delivered through one-to-one tutoring in Oro Valley can help your youngster overcome any learning challenges they are facing and reach their academic goals.


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