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Learn at Home With Math Memory

If students were to list each of their subjects by ranking how fun they are, it’s unfortunate to say that math wouldn’t be anywhere near the top. This isn't because students don’t enjoy learning math or because it doesn't come with its rewards, but compared to other subjects, like science where they might get to create smoke and colorful foam, writing numbers just can’t hold up. While it may be unreasonable to ask your child's math teacher to think of fun lesson plans and games to play each class, it isn’t unreasonable to ask this of a parent. The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley has a great game idea to share to help you do just that!

Mathematics Memory

It’s called Mathematics Memory, and it’s a fun game you can play at home.
  • Start by creating 20 pieces of card the size of playing cards.
  • On one side of 10 of the cards, write a challenging math equation.
  • Now, mark a small dot on the back of the question cards.
  • On one side of the remaining 10 cards, write a corresponding answer.
  • Lay these cards on the table with the questions and answers facing up.
  • Allow 10 seconds for everybody to look before flipping the cards over.
Take turns around the table choosing a question card, solve the problem, and then try your darndest to remember where you saw the answer! In addition to being a fun game, it is also an adaptable one, where you can increase the complexity of the questions as your child’s learning grows.

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