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Photography for Kids

Photography allows your child to document events from their perspective. It helps them to see the world in their way.

Photography is Art

A child behind the lens is making artist choices. From the moment they pick up a camera, they are developing their creative art skills.

More Inclusive

Photography helps children feel more a part of the situation and story. They have a better concept of how they fit into to the picture. This build self-esteem and creates stronger family and friend bonds.

Computer and Software Skills

Photography can also help your child get excited about using the computer. You can help your children to use photo software to create journals and make stories from their photographs. These artistic endeavors will be treasured forever. You will also get great holiday and birthday gifts from these art projects.

Digital Photography Equipment for Kids

Very young children should use disposable or durable "drop-proof" cameras that you can find in toy stores or online. These cameras take photos with low quality, but will still get your little one used to the idea of taking pictures and you won't have to worry about the care of an expensive piece of camera equipment. For older children, digital cameras are they way to go. They can upload photos, edit and even add text. Digital cameras come in a wide range of prices and quality. Head to your local camera store with your child for a demonstration of the latest equipment available to your young Ansel Adams

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