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Detecting Working Memory Problems and Getting Tutoring Help

Many students have working memory problems which may make it difficult to distinguish between when there is a working memory problem and when a child is just distracted. Problems with the working memory of a child  will create struggles in the classroom and other life situations. That is why it is very important to be able to determine if there are working memory problems that need to be dealt with. Just as important is finding the right help through practice and tutoring to help students deal with these issues effectively.

Problems With the Working Memory Cause Students to Struggle

The working memory is the mental space our mind has that allows it to place certain information there for manipulation. The more room there is for placing information while it is worked with, the better. Working memory problems tend to arise when that space is very limited, reducing the amount of information that can be held onto and used. Detecting problems with the working memory can be a difficult task because many times it is confused with other learning problems, such as ADD or ADHD.  Around 70% of children with learning problems have a low working memory. It is by all means possible to have a learning difficulty and not have a working memory problem, just like it is also possible to have a working memory problem without having other learning difficulties.

Some Signs of Working Memory Problems

  • Difficulty following directions.
  • Hardly participating in group discussions.
  • Difficulty following long chains of thought expressed by others.
  • Answering questions with great difficulty or inability to respond to questions even after they have just been discussed.
  • Inability to complete given directions efficiently without repetition or the constant need to be redirected to the job at hand.

Help Your Child Learn Better With Tutoring in Oro Valley

If you notice any of these problems in your child, it is always a good idea to discuss them with their teachers and talk about the options available. One of the best ways to help address many learning difficulties is to offer your child the specialized and individual attention that tutoring can offer. Contact The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley today at (520)-297-0400.


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