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Boost the Quality of Your Student's Notebook

Your student could spend hours in their study space reviewing their notes and reading from textbooks, but unless the quality of the study material is high then it isn’t going to be time well spent. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley has the following post to share on how you can improve the quality of your child’s notebook with a bit of spring cleaning.

It All Starts With a Declutter

The first step is to declutter their notebooks. At a large table, sit with your student and take out all of the loose items which have been hastily stuffed inside. As you remove each item, be sure to use a pencil to write down the page number of the loose note to make it easier to match later on. Once you have a pile of loose notes, be sure that your youngster takes their time to read through each of the notes. What could seem like nothing more than a page full of scribbles may actually hold an important piece of information. As they make their way through, help them to cut out any important information and discard anything which isn’t relevant to the note or that is distracting.

Reformat the New Notes

When it comes time to put it all back together, look for ways to improve the note. For example, if you are holding a diagram and are going to staple it to a poorly written set of notes, have your youngster either scan and edit the notes digitally or hand-write the notes cleanly to include the diagram at the relevant text-anchor point. By removing the distracting information from the diagram and inserting it into a new, clean note which you can stick over the original page, your student has a solid learning tool. As they read the note, their eyes can easily dart around the page to reference relevant information along with the diagram.

Tutoring in Oro Valley Works

If you notice that your student struggles with a particular subject in their notes, one-to-one tutoring in Oro Valley can help. Speak with a learning professional at (520)-297-0400 about how subject focused one-to-one tutoring programs can help your student overcome learning challenges and reach their academic goals.


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