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Tutoring Tips to Help Make Summer Learning Fun

A child's education should not come to a halt during the summer. Children need to have free time and relax, but they must also carry out educational activities that promote learning. Since students should experience summer learning while having fun, we want to share some ideas to help accomplish that.

3 Things You Can Do This Summer to Get Your Child to Have Fun While Learning

  • Play games that encourage learning. There are many games that are educational and fun. Most can be adapted to outdoor play, making it easier enjoy the nice summer weather. For example, you can make a large memory game out of empty cereal boxes. All you need to do is cut out the front to make your cards. Try to get different types of cereal that are all the same size so that you can't tell which ones are the same when you put them face down. Be sure to cut out two matching cereal boxes of each type so that you have around 5-10 matching pairs. Place them face down on the lawn and play a large-scale memory game.``
  • Motivate your child to read. Reading during the summer is very important because many children fail to keep up with their reading skills when they don't practice. Therefore, you need to saturate your child with interesting books, stories, and all types of things to read. Get them to read you a recipe while you prepare it. In the car, have your child read out the signs on the road. Give them the grocery list and let them read the items out loud while you grab them. Use every opportunity you can to get them to read.
  • Enroll them in a quality tutoring program. This is pretty self-explanatory. Nothing helps a student do better than the one-on-one attention that tutoring provides. Tutoring will allow them to understand and advance in every school subject.

Fun Summer Tutoring in Oro Valley

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