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Learning to Read Is a Continuous Process

Reading is an essential part of all school work, but more than that it is also a vital part of our everyday lives. Yet, there are different stages of learning to be a better reader. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley, we want to mention some of the different components of teaching a child to be a great reader.

Components of Teaching a Child to Be a Better Reader

  • Instilling a love for reading. The very first step for teaching a child to read is to teach them to love reading. This stage can even start as a baby. Reading to a child, specially if you start when they are a baby, is a great way to make reading a habit and a fun activity that can always be seen as enjoyable and not tedious. For more information on how to motivate your child to read visit our previous post here.
  • Reading skills. This part of reading is the next step to becoming avid readers, it consist of learning about letters, spelling out words and learning basic sight words. This then develops gradually depending on their age and level.
  • Reading Comprehension. A child may very well know how to read and be able to read fluently out loud but once they are done reading they might not be able to understand all that they just read. Reading comprehension is improved by asking questions and building on vocabulary and overall meaning of the text.
  • Reading level and speed. The more often a child reads, the quicker they progress and can start reading at a more advanced level and faster pace. Practice creates a more fluent reading and equips them to read literature with complex settings and more difficult vocabulary.

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