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At the Tutoring Center in Oro Valley we understand what a great responsibility it is to help your child make the most of their education. That is why today we want to discuss how the foods your child eats can make a positive difference in their ability to learn.

Why is Eating Healthy Meals So Important for Students?

It is recommended that children eat well balanced meals as well as nutrient filled snacks. The right kind of food in your child's system will facilitate the learning process. By providng the brain and the body with the correct fuel, the body is able to stay in an alert position that facilitates listening and absorption of information. When the brain is fueled correctly it can easily create the right internal connections for permanent learning structures to form.

Ideal Snacks or Side Dishes for Students

• Hard boiled eggs with potato and sweet bell pepper • Frozen bananas smeared with nut butter instead of chocolate • No sugar Greek yogurt with bits of chopped fruit and nuts • Chia pudding with straw sweetened only with a bit of honey • Celery and apple with macadamia nuts or walnut butter. • Egg omelet with spinach and a side of veggies sauteed with olive oil

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