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Fun Games to Play Indoors

When it comes to keeping children entertained during the summer break, it’s almost a task which takes care of itself thanks to the sun shining above! When it comes to winter, however, children tend to take on the traits of a sloth, spending the majority of their break lounging on the couch. While you may not be able to change the weather, you can change up the mood in your home with some great fun and educational indoor game ideas from The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley.


If you and your family already love playing Monopoly then you will enjoy this educational twist. Instead of just playing regularly with an adult as the banker, make the following adjustments to the game.
  • Your student is the banker.
  • No calculators are allowed to be used.
  • Change the price of properties from $250 to $246 (as an example).
  • Adjust the cost of rent for a selection of properties from $15 to $14 (as an example).
  • Each time that somebody lands on free parking, they can achieve a bonus amount if they can calculate a certain percentage of the money within 5 seconds.
With these rules in place, not only will you all enjoy the highs (and frustrations) which comes with playing Monopoly, but you are also working to keep your child’s brain active. Even if it is only with basic math, an active brain is an active brain!


Everybody loves charades, and now there is a great way to make it both fun and educational. Take the example of a student who is struggling to remember landmarks and their associated details. Start by creating a few of your own question and answer cards which include aspects of your child’s learning they are struggling with. For example, you can include cards which require them to either act out or guess The Eiffel Tower, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, or even the Pyramids of Egypt. Once somebody guesses, follow up by asking your youngster a question like, "And what year was the Eiffel Tower unveiled?" Short and quick questions like this immediately after the excitement of correctly guessing is a great way to help them associate quizzes and enjoyment. Of course, it also helps when it comes time for their exam and, for some reason unknown to them, they can suddenly remember all of the details they previously struggled with!

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Not only are these games fun and educational but they are also a good way to gauge if your youngster is experiencing any learning challenges. For example, if you notice that they struggle with calculating strange numbers, then math tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley (Oracle and Magee) at (520)-297-0400 to learn more and to book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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